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Genetic Counseling


Benefits of Participating in Genetic Counseling

Your genetic test results will help you understand your hereditary health. A professional geneticist can then explain the next steps to be taken.

  • If the test results for your cancer genetics test reveals that your DNA contains any gene variants, genetic counseling will allow you and your counselor to build a care plan to aid in the prevention of a future cancer diagnosis.
  • If you participated in a pharmacogenetics test, yourself and your genetic counselor can go over your results together and build a care plan with guidelines for which medications can be taken and which ones should be avoided.
  • If your carrier genetics test results reveal that you are a carrier of gene mutations that are linked to any genetic conditions that your children may inherit, genetic counseling will allow you and your counselor to build a care plan to become more adequately prepared for the risks you face when growing your family.

Engaging with a genetic counselor to develop and implement a follow-up care plan can be a highly important step for maintaining your long-term health depending on the results of your test. Genetic test results provide the information you need to understand the current status of your health, and seeking genetic counseling is the best way to ensure you are in safe shape from the present time into your future. 

Consultation Coverage for Genetic Counseling

In most cases, you will be qualified to receive genetic counseling services at little to no cost to you after performing your genetics test and obtaining your test results. Once the results of your test have been generated, they will be distributed to yourself and your provider of approval. Evaluation of your test results will determine whether a positive, negative, or unknown variant has been discovered within your genetic makeup. 

If a positive or unknown gene variant is found in the results of your genetic cancer screening, you are considered high-risk for inheriting or passing down harmful gene mutations. In this case, you will be contacted and referred to genetic counseling through our networked genetic counseling service provider. Genetic counseling is an important next step to pursue in maintaining your health if your results reveal a positive or unknown variant that is linked to cancer, as this helps to decrease the chance of a cancer diagnosis.


If the test you perform is a pharmacogenetics test, genetic counseling will also be covered for you, and a pharmacist will guide you on the proper path to selecting the most effective medications for you. For our carrier genetics test, genetic counseling is also available to provide you with support on an emotional level and help you to build a post-test care plan in preparation of raising your children if a positive gene variant is present.


What is Genetic Counseling?

DNA is unique from person to person. Within each of us, our specific genetics are inherited from preceding members in our family bloodline. The gene pool we acquire from our family contains many similarities, just as gene pools may be quite different in other individuals and their families. These biological similarities and differences allow us as a species to survive and thrive. On the other hand, some genes that we inherit may carry vulnerabilities to harmful and/or life-threatening conditions.

Genetic counseling is a support service that is provided for people who have, or are possibly at risk for, genetic disorders. During this process, information is gathered about personal medical history and family medical history to make an accurate assessment of risk factors. Typically, genetic counselors assist in the determination of cancer risk, as well as a risk of genetic mutations being passed down to children during pregnancy. Upon completion of a genetics test, genetic counselors also assist in interpretation of the test results.

Genetic counselors are usually highly educated, often possessing a Masters degree in their field, and their positions require ongoing education to stay up-to-date with current practices. These healthcare counselors are often specialized in oncology, neurology, ophthalmology, prenatal, pediatric, psychiatry, and several other areas in the medical industry. Aside from seeing patients, genetic counselors may also work in research, education, marketing, and several other roles in the fields of healthcare and genetics. They can meet with individuals or families for genetic health consultations either in-person or by phone.

DNA Visit Services

After receiving the results for your test, you have the option to set up a chat with one of the many caring specialists at DNA visit to plan your next steps. During or prior to speaking with a member of DNA Visit, you can upload your test results for them to review. The genetic counselors at DNA visit will then be able to break down your results, provide emotional support if necessary, and recommend the best course of action that is tailored to you and your hereditary health.


24 Hour Chatline

Genetic counselors are on hand and ready to serve you with solutions to improve your health based on the results of your test.


Latest Technology

DNA Visit uses cutting-edge technology to ensure you are provided with the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Speak from the Comfort of Home

Discussing your test results and building your unique, personalized healthcare plan is just a phone call away.


How We Work with DNA Visit

Preventative care plans are important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Upon completion of your genetic test, and results showing a positive or unknown variant, we will then connect you with a specialized consultant at DNA Visit and connect your provider to a DNA Visit genetic counselor and/or pharmacist. DNA Visit counselors and pharmacists provide an easy-to-understand interpretation of your test results and will collaborate with your provider to build a post-test care plan, which help you on your path to a safe and healthy life.