"Cancer runs on my mom's side of the family, I ended up with squama cell carcinoma and im glad to know that I didn’t get my cancer from my mother. I haven't talked to my son in many years but I plan to eventually talk to him, letting him know my test results that I didn’t pass any cancer on to him will be a good reason to talk to him and make sure our relationship works out. I appreciate this company very much." 
- Teddy S.  

“I am having many medical problems especially with my stomach. My doctor has taken me off many medications and put me on antibiotics. Now I have the results of this test, I can make an appointment with my Doctor to show that my medications actually do help my body. Thank you so much for your phone call it has been very insightful and helpful, I now know how to talk to my doctor about these medications.” 
- Peggy S.  

“Every representative was very helpful since the first instant I was signing up for the test. A second collogue called to make sure that I did the test properly and he walked me through it, it only took 5 minutes and was very timely. I got my results back much quicker than 6-8 weeks; they were back in 3 which didn’t take long at all.”
 -Larry R.

 "Everyone was very friendly and explained each step thoroughly, the process was very smooth and uncomplicated. They did a wonderful job following up on each step and made sure I understood everything."
- Debra H

"All went well in process, it's easy to do, a lot of friendly people to help every step. Results were very favorable and gives some relief of fears about possible genetic problems. It should be part of everyone's annual check up once at least."
- Howard H

"It gave me a Chance to get Information ,that I would never have known. I was able to talk to my Doctor about the results of the Test. I have Skin Cancer and I was afraid that I might have another type of Cancer. So the Test was a Blessing for me. Thank you !!!
- Emily 

Google Reviews

"It was very simple, easy. After i received the kit, i was very busy with a death in the family. They stayed in touch with me until i finally opened the kit, followed the instructions and sent it back. Now i have the results along with Peace of mind that I do not have a hereditary gene that would pass cancer to my daughters."      -Debbie L

This testing helped to reassure me that the high number of cancers in my family are probably not due to heredity thus will probably not be handed down to my child.      - Linda L

"Without the Apollo’s hereditary cancer screening I would not be privy to any of this information. I am a great advocate of patients being responsible for their own health, and that includes arming their private physicians with as much information as they are able to ascertain on their own. I believe Apollo has helped me by giving me information I would not have had otherwise. I would highly recommend anyone to get this painless, insurance covered screening. The more information you are able to provide to your physician, the more ammunition he/she has to help you fight the war we all face with disease."     - Janet O