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Apollo Genetics is dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients. We are a genetics lab that is certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), and accredited through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. Our laboratory follows all the rules and regulations of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS) and place high importance on maintaining compliance in the lab industry. Our genetic testing services are conducted using the latest and most state-of-the-art technology to ensure that patients are receiving the most timely and accurate results. Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with laboratory operations practiced in the Pennington Biomedical Research Center on the campus of Louisiana State University, we provide services such Cancer Genetics Testing, Pharmacogenetics Testing, Carrier Screening, and Respiratory Pathogen Panel Testing. We believe our services are paving the way for individuals to gain a better understanding of their current health status and their risk for developing and spreading serious diseases through DNA analysis.

Insurance Coverage

Apollo Genetics works well with nearly all insurance carriers who provide Medicare, Med Advantage, and Medicaid insurance policies in the lower 49 states, as well as Blue Cross Blue Shield commercial policies in Illinois and Texas. We work best with in-network HMO and PPO plans through Medicare, Med Advantage, Medicaid, and select commercial insurances. We also provide coverage for out-of-network PPO plans through Medicare, Med Advantage, Medicaid, and select commercial insurances. Through our partnered billing company, we will thoroughly review your patient's specific insurance plan to determine in-network or out-of-network status and confirm whether they will be covered for genetic testing services through our company.

If yourself or your staff have received a requisition form from us, that means your patient's insurance company will be covering their genetics test through us. Our requisitions forms are easy to complete with only 3 sections that are required for providers to fill in. These 3 steps include selecting which test panel you see best fit for your patient(most healthcare providers select the full hereditary panel), filling in ICD-10 codes indicating your patient's personal or family medical diagnosis for which they qualified for their test, and a signature and date in the bottom right-hand corner for your authorization to allow your patient to have their test performed through our lab. ICD-10 codes are a simple, but necessary step to ensure that your patient's service is being covered for them when we submit the claims to their insurance company. Upon completion of your patient's screening, and the deliverance of their test results to your patient and yourself, we will handle all matters of billing. To make the process less time-consuming for you, we will also any necessary pre-authorization as well.

Genetic Counseling

Apollo Genetics believes genetic counseling can provide a substantial benefit for patients who could use extra assistance in developing a better understanding of their unique genetic makeup to maintain and/or improve their health. Through our networked genetic counseling company, DNA Visit, genetic counseling is recommended as a follow-up care option following your patient's completion of their genetics test and their test results showing that a positive or unknown gene variant has been discovered. Ultimately, it is your decision as their healthcare provider for whether your patient needs this service. As most test results come back with the outcome we hope for, a negative result, many times providers will opt-out of genetic counseling for their patients after they have completed our genetics tests. By visiting our
genetic counseling page, you can learn more details about genetic counseling and how we work with DNA Visit.


Lab Technology

Apollo Genetics uses state-of-the-art technology to generate our genetic testing results. Our lab utilizes the Thermo Fisher QuantStudio 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System to reach 12,000 data points in 20 minutes or less and a high throughput rate of up to 4 OpenArray plates simultaneously with completion time of approximately 4 hours to generate fast and accurate results for patients and healthcare providers. Along with the OpenArray plates, this system can run on four other interchangeable blocks, and includes a Laboratory Information Management System(LIMS) to ensure a high level of compliance. Along with the QuantStudio, our laboratory equipment also includes the Hamilton Genomic STARlet which possesses the capability of processing a variety of sample types including plants, bacterial cells, blood and plasma, tissue, and eukaryotic cells with processing of speed of up to 96 samples in 144 minutes or less, allowing for numerous runs each day. In addition to the QuantStudio and the Genomic STARlet, our lab also uses the BP Genomics PureMAGiX machine for the DNA extraction of each saliva sample and runs an automated purification process to remove proteins, nucleases, or any other contaminants from the DNA.



“I’m an old medical doc and I have nothing but positive marks for this test! There are no problems with this test only positives, they take away many of the questions that people worry about with cancer when it comes to your genetics, which is a very helpful tool.”    -Helmut K. 

“I have been worried about cancer ever since I had my breast cancer, then when my granddaughter developed non-hodgkins cancer a part of me wondered if my genes were the cause of it. That was a hard thing for me, until I finally got this test and the results came back negative. I am all for genetic testing of any sort to help each and every person, they are important tools for your preventative care and I think that it is awesome and that Apollo is awesome!”    -Harlene G. 

 “Cancer seemed to move so rapidly through my dad, sister, and me that it made me curious if this was a genetic thing or not. Having four great grandkids now made me concerned enough to finally get tested, because I don’t want to see cancer move all the way down the family line, and the test is such an easy and important preventative tool to use in educating and warning the younger kids to grow up and watch for the specific cancers that can affect them. Preventative testing is not just something important to be used by my family but by everybody.”     -Karen H.  

“I had DCIS and Radiation for a Breast tumor that turned out to be precancerous, I was worried that this would be cancer and I could pass it on to my children. This test has given me a peace of mind, it made me feel better to know that it isn't hereditary. Men can get breast cancer as well, not as often as women, but I was worried for my sons and now I don’t have to be. I think this test is helpful because if people are already predisposed for cancer, they can find out about it before hand and know what to look for with their doctors before they are diagnosed.”     -Karin P. 

“I have had breast cancer for 10 years and all this time I thought it was genetic. I had no idea that cancer could be anything besides genetic. This came as a surprise because my sister had breast cancer too. I wanted to do this test to help people in the future generation find some gene that links to breast cancer that helps recognize it in future patients.”    -Denece J.  

“Now I am 84, and I’m not bragging but all of the preventative care that I do is why I am this old and this test absolutely helped me out by putting my mind at ease knowing everything checked out ok!” -Beulah W. 

“Everybody needs to be tested! I can breathe a sigh of relief now, knowing that I am not a carrier!”      -Margaret F.   

“This test has been absolutely beneficial for me, I take so many medications that I need to know which ones are good for me and which ones are not. I understand that there is one medication I'm taking that is doing more bad than good for me and that my results give me a list of 12 other medications I can take instead that would make me feel better. I am going to show this to my doctor and get my medications all figured out.”    -Joan K. 

Feel free to contact our medical consulting team at (909) 380-4141 with any further questions or inquiries.